See How SunFlour is Changing Lives (Real Testimonials)

See How SunFlour is Changing Lives (Real Testimonials)

Watch this video and learn how SunFlour is changing the lives...and the world! 

We had the idea, mother nature supplied the ingredients, and now our raving fans are carrying the message to the world. Watch now and see how lives have been forever changed with this remarkable product. Could you be next? We think so!


What others are saying about SunFlour: 

"If you're following a Keto lifestyle then you're going to love this flour! Whether you're whipping up some great Keto brownies, crackers or a scrumptious pizza pie, you will not be disappointed. I love to experiment in the kitchen and was getting tired of almond and coconut flours and decided to try this one. It gives your baked goods a subtle delicious nutty taste which give them the yum factor. It bakes up beautifully and is nutritionally packed with all the good things your body craves. I will definitely be stocking up this gem."


"I recommend Think.Eat.Live. products to my patients and love them myself!  In addition to being tasty, SunFlour® products have a good balance of protein, fiber and healthy fats to help you stay full longer, balance blood sugar, and support overall health."
-Dr. Diana Fatayerji, Ph.D., clinical nutritionist


"Tastes great! My clients are focused on eating foods that are REAL, safe, and provide nutrition.  We love recommending SunFlour as a staple to have in their homes.  It fits a Keto, low carb, high protein, grain free and low glycemic diet...something that most flours simply cannot do!  Most 'flours' on the shelves of 'health food' stores just can't compete."
-Sherry Neill, BSN, MA, ND, Absolute Wellness Center


"Keto friendly.  I am diabetic and do not tolerate artificial sweeteners.  These brownies tasted amazing, no one could tell they were low carb!"


"I have a Youtube Keto Channel and have used sunflower seed flour in 3 recipes so far on my channel.  I LOVE this sunflower seed flour, as someone on Keto that can't tolerate almond flour so well (causes inflammation).  This is the best substitute, even my non Keto friends and family love my cookies made with it!  Highly recommend!"
-Kristy, OK KET OH


"Use it for Keto Brownies!  I use this for the Wholesome Yum brownie recipe. The crumb is much more delicate than almond or coconut flour.  Love it!"
-Nicole Carro


"Great flour!  I was looking for a non-carb flour and this sunflower flour was the answer.  It makes great quiche crust!"


"Great for Keto!  I was surprised to see how many carbs were in coconut flour and almond flour.  This is important when every carb counts.  And, I was looking for a flour I could use for my little granddaughter, who is allergic to both wheat and nuts (both peanuts and tree nuts).  I decided to try this after looking at tiger nut flour which is also fairly high in carbs.  I made a mug muffin to compare the three different flours.  The coconut flour muffin was very dry and unpleasant to eat.  Almond flour was better but still dry.  The SunFlour was absolutely perfect, moist, and delicious!"
-Sue S.


"KETO baked goods with less almond flour... Awesome plant protein source. Instead of using so much almond flour I am replacing part of it with sunflower and sesame powders. This combo works great for KETO baked goods."
-Nancy G.


Good for people allergic to nuts. I use this for Keto baking because I'm allergic to nuts. Great sub for almond flour.
-Alphonsia Parker

Best Pizza Crust! These guys have a sunflower seed flour pizza that is out of this world amazing.  The pizza crust is the best out of all the alternative/healthy pizza crusts I have tried!
-Dr. Crystal Peairs

"Your ingredients and recipes are illuminating and will change the world! One clean eater at a time..."
-Chef Audra Angelique, The Healing Chef and Former Owner, A2 The Gluten Free Casein Free Restaurant & Cafe


"I have patients tell me on a regular basis that the biggest problem with going gluten free is the taste and consistency of a lot of the gluten free products on the market. As someone who has been gluten free for going on 5 years, I can tell you I know that struggle first hand. I have tried tons of gluten free breads, pastries, muffins, and pancakes and most are bland, dry, and difficult to eat. I was astonished when I tried the Think.Eat.Live. brand of gluten free products. I can honestly say the muffins, brownies, and pancakes are hands down the best gluten free items I have ever had.

But as a doctor, the thing that I noticed the most about these products was the nutritional content. The amount of protein in each muffin is enough to help keep you full much longer than the traditional carbohydrate laden muffins on the market and will keep you from snacking your way through the morning.  Even more important is the level of naturally occurring Zinc, Vitamin E, and Selenium which is all but absent from traditional gluten free options. My family and I love these products and I recommend them to every patient I can."
-Dr. James Parish


"I just made your brownies and they were so delicious! Thank you so much. I have a very limited diet and finding your food is like discovering treasure! I can't wait to try your other products."
-Sabrina A


"This stuff is exactly what I needed! Gluten free, high in all these good things like good fats and protein!!! I actually made pan fried green beans with SunFlour! I also made fried chicken and can make super nutritious wraps for my family!!! I will use this product until the day I die."
-Loyal Amazon Customer


"Enjoying your products!! I've baked the protein bars--YUM!! Today I baked the blueberry lemon muffins. These are some of the best gluten free products I've tried! I like how they are satisfying and they stay with me!"
-Mary Jo R.


The brownies are to die for!
-Marsha Bassett


"Think.Eat.Live. Foods has provided my family with healthy choice gluten free products that taste so much better than other gluten free products on the market.  Our family has 4 diabetic people and we have finally found products that taste great and promote better management of critical blood sugar levels, as well as a more precise use of insulin."
-Rudy Burrus Family


"I received my first order of some of your products and have really enjoyed them. I can’t eat eggs, gluten, dairy or nuts so it’s hard to find variety in my foods I eat.  My daughter said, “I usually don’t like sunflower, but I love the cookies you made.” They were a hit with my kids as well.  I loved the recipes included, that is very helpful!"
-Marcy E.


"After adding my own fruits to the SunFlour Pancakes at 6am, I make it all the way to lunch without even a hint of hunger or energy loss!  I have added SunFlour baked goods to my fathers’ special needs diet and he has higher and more constant energy levels!! It was a constant struggle keeping him fed with almost zero appetite.  Now with the nutritional value of his morning Pancakes & Waffles, not to mention the Muffins and Brownies I have conveniently prepared, I now save time throughout my busy week and worry about my fathers’ hunger is off my mind!!!"
-Vincent Barredo


"We have been very lucky to try many of the products produced by Think.Eat.Live. Just polished off a pan of brownies last night. I love that I can eat them and know that I can have something that is a treat and that it is still healthy. Higher in protein and lower in glycemic index! The muffins are the best, great for breakfast on the go! Can't wait to see you grow!"
-Jennifer P.


"Your products are wonderful!  We have already been to Schnucks twice to get more.  All four of my children love the brownies even my picky son."
-Sandy B.


"Finally!!  A gluten-free food with 'normal' texture…and better-than-normal taste!!  I love those cranberry muffins!  Your waffles are in a class by themselves…. They're good enough to be addictive!"
-Mary Antholz Kuhlman


Growing up in the family pizza business makes me very picky when it comes to pizza. I think a good pizza crust has been one of the hardest things to find since going gluten free. Until I found SunFlour pizza crust.  Not only is it easy to make, the taste is amazing. Since I am dairy free as well, I made this pizza without cheese and even my husband (who has no food allergies) loved it.  I can only imagine how much more fabulous this would be with cheese!
-Paola Anna


"We’ve tried the muffins several times over, and I can tell you that they are a huge hit with my family!  The brownies were also gone relatively quickly after I made them.  I've been around a gluten free loved one since before being gluten-free was 'sexy' (or Celiac was even widely known).  My sons eat primarily gluten free now, and I am making strides along that pathway myself.  We also have a healthy food focus in our family.  Finding foods that are both gluten free and nutritious is harder than some may think.  But of course, food is to be enjoyed, and if it doesn’t taste good, that’s a huge issue.  Happily, we’ve found that Think.Eat.Live. products are downright yummy!  So they hit the mark on all three of our concerns – no gluten; nutritious; and tasty.  My whole family has been thrilled that we’ve found these products!"
-Stephanie Dollschnieder


"I'm so glad to try a new (gluten free) product - but even more glad to discover a gluten free flour that offers fiber and nutrition that so many gluten free flours don't."
-Debbie Simpson


"I finally got around to baking. WOW…it had been along time since I was in the kitchen. Yesterday I decided it was time to put on the apron and get those muffins made.  Absolutely satisfying and delicious! I am amazed at how full I feel with just one."
-Nancy H. 


"I made your pancakes for dinner tonight...yes, breakfast for dinner! Both of my girls LOVED them and think they are better than regular pancakes!"
-Staci G.


"I am really loving your products.  I'll be going on a trip and will be able to take some SunPower bars for emergencies when I cannot find anything I can eat! Thank you so much!"
-Ann M.


The pizza was so good I had a dream about it! :)
-Miriam C