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Whether you're a devoted from-scratch SunFlour baker or an enthusiast who loves our mixes, this e-book is designed to make your baking experience more efficient and enjoyable. Everything you need is right here, ready for you to unleash your creativity with SunFlour!

Please Note: Our recipe blog is now closed. This recipe e-book contains all of our blog content and more.

🌻 270 recipes, including some not shared before! Delve into the art of baking with SunFlour and discover a world of flavors. From classic favorites to innovative dishes, this e-book is a treasure trove of breads, breakfasts, entrees, sides, snacks, and desserts! All recipes are gluten free and low carb. Many are keto, paleo, vegan and nut free. All easily adaptable to meet your needs. (The SunFlour recipes are primarily keto).

The book contains all of our recipes for SunFlour scratch baking plus the recipes for all of our mixes. See the full Table of Contents in the panel to the left.


🌻 Easy to find what you need! With a detailed table of contents and seamless search function, navigating through the pages is a breeze.

🌻 Chock full of information!  Dive into the depths of SunFlour and mixes product information, and find answers to all your burning questions. Get ready to savor pretty much all of our blog content, condensed into this remarkable e-book.

Please note: The file was sooooo large that we had to compress it to even be able to share it with you as a pdf! Doing so made the charts on a few pages a bit blurry. We wanted you to have them for your reference-- so in addition to the e-book, you will also have access to another pdf that contains clearly readable charts of all the product information.

Let the magic of baking with SunFlour ignite your culinary journey today!

Happy Baking!

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This e-book is intended for the use of one household only. You have unlimited downloads for yourself with your purchase, but please do not distribute the e-book without additional purchase or permission. E-book purchases are non-refundable.

All of our products are powered by SunFlour®; a patent-pending, nutritious alternative to any flour.

You'll never know that it's completely Gluten Free, Nut Free, Low Carb, High in Protein and Packed with Fiber and Healthy Fats. Sound too good to be true? Think again.

Product Description

With SunFlour, you can turn your favorite gluten and grain free baked good into a nutrition powerhouse!

SunFlour has more protein than any other seed, nut, or grain and 25% more protein than meat!

If you are eating Keto or Paleo, try substituting SunFlour for almond flour or coconut flour.  It can be used 100% in low carb/high protein recipes and is a perfect allergen free and non-inflammatory alternative to nut flours--you get all the nutritional benefits of nuts and more!

Substitute SunFlour for wheat or gluten free flour recipes to improve the taste and texture, while meeting your daily protein and fiber requirements. SunFlour has up to 75% fewer carbohydrates than traditional and gluten free flours, so your waist will love it too.

Plant-based SunFlour tastes mild so you'll never know you're eating sunflower seeds whether it's in a bread, cracker, cookie, smoothie or veggie burger!

Perfect for Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Allergen Free and Vegan Baking

Tons of Plant-Sourced Protein & Fiber

Get all the details right here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good - BUT

Great book - except when I printed it there were NO PAGE numbers on the pages. That took hours to accomplish. What were you thinking?

What were we thinking? Well, we actually thought page numbers would be great too and they ARE included in the book. We can't explain why when you printed it, they don't show up for you as when we print pages, the numbers are there. Sorry to hear technology is not working for you but it's not caused by our faulty thinking. We hope you're enjoying the recipes and baking tips.

Audra Angelique
A comprehensive SunFlour encyclopedia

SunFlour, one of the most innovative food products on the market today now has an incredible accompaniment. This comprehensive encyclopedia of SunFlour recipes is a must have if you are as passionate about SunFlour, its health benefits and what you can really create with it as I am. It would be so great to have in printed form one day as well. Now everyone can access the fantastic world of SunFlour! -Audra Angelique, Chef & Creative Consultant

Thankyou, Chef Audra, for the wonderful review! We're pretty proud of SunFlour and all that we've been able to create with it and, we love that some of your delicious recipes are showcased in the cookbook. We agree with you that it would be nice to have it in printed form down the road too!

Doris Ranke
It's a Blessing!

Love the new Cookbook! It has all the information I need and want and I don't have to hunt for it very hard! Find what I want in the Table of Contents, input the page number and away I go!! No more need to print out a recipe only to misplace it later! However, I can easily print and pass a copy on to my friends! Very convenient. I even found some recipes I'd not seen before, like the Coffee Muffins. Loved them. Worth every penny of my $10! Thanks, guys!

Thankyou for the 5 star review! We worked hard to create a cookbook that was both comprehensive and easy to search so we are pleased to know it's working well for you. We surprised ourselves with how many recipes we hadn't seen in awhile once we had them all here! The coffee muffin is a personal favorite here too. Enjoy :)


Excellent quality and superb customer service.

Thank you for the review! Both quality and service are of utmost importance to us so we appreciate hearing this is your experience!