Why You Must Power Up at Breakfast (and how)

Why You Must Power Up at Breakfast (and how)

Breakfast is King!

Most nutritionists recognize breakfast as the most important meal of the day, since the body has been fasting all night. The common wisdom is to “eat like a king” while breaking the all night fast. Getting the right amount of protein and fiber jump starts your metabolism, giving you more energy while trimming your waistline. Conversely, skipping breakfast or eating high carbohydrate cereals sets you up for a whiplashing hunger cycle, constant grazing and even blood sugar crashes, energy slumps, brain fog and headaches. Sound familiar?

Try it! Power-swap these SunFlour products for your usual breakfast and you’ll experience a remarkable difference.



Crunched for Time?

A trick we’ve been doing for years is to make a big batch of pancakes, muffins or SunPower bars on Sunday morning, freeze them and reheat them for breakfast on our busy mornings during the week. (We also make brownies and other SunFlour recipes to enjoy or lunches and snacks).

Most of our items are quick to prepare — a serving of pancakes or waffles can be ready to eat in under 7 minutes!  So no more heading out the door without the right nutrition.