SunFlour is a Grain Free, Nut Free, Keto Superfood

SunFlour is a Grain Free, Nut Free, Keto Superfood


Cold milled high quality seeds. Nothing else!  
No gluten, wheat, grains, nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, corn, or GMO.

SunFlour® Reverses the Carb-Protein Imbalance

With SunFlour, turn your favorite baked goods into a nutrition powerhouse! Perfect for low carb, high protein recipes, it can be used 100% without supporting flours.  Compared to traditional gluten free flours, SunFlour has 66% fewer carbs is low glycemic and rich in whole natural protein & fiber.

Naturally Balanced Macros—Ideal for Keto Diets

Progressive health practitioners have long recognized the impact of diet on health and recommend a macronutrient balance that is high in healthy fat and protein and lower in carbs (where the carbs are complex, not empty).  Sunflower seeds are one of Mother Nature’s most nutrient-rich whole foods! We source a seed blend for our SunFlour that has the ideal macronutrient balance for any healthy diet and it also naturally matches the requirements of a Keto diet—9 grams protein, 4 grams fiber, only 3 net carbs/serving and high in poly and monounsaturated fat!

Superior to Other Nut Flours

Use as a perfect allergen free alternative to nut flours and get all the nutritional benefits of nuts and more! Perfect for Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free and Vegan baking, SunFlour can be substituted for almond flour or coconut flour.

Why try SunFlour if you are used to using almond flour?

We like using SunFlour as an alternative to almond flour, as it has a neutral taste vs having everything you make taste like almonds. We've had many chefs, bakers and customers tell us that it bakes better than almond flour, as it is a fine flour that yields results similar to traditional flours, including a texture that is enjoyable to eat.

Secondly, we are very proud of the nutrition in SunFlour, as the sunflower seeds we source have more protein than any others seed or nut and have 25% more protein than almonds. This little nutrient powerhouse will help you stay full longer, giving you a 1/3 of your protein for the day.  And, if you don’t do well with nuts or are allergic to them, then you can once again, enjoy your favorite baking recipes without the fear of having an allergic reaction or stomach-ache. Avoiding the Top 8 Allergens (including nuts) was  one of the main reasons we invented SunFlour.

Finally, SunFlour is not only good for you, it is good for the planet, using 1/8th of the water that it takes to grow almonds. You also might find it interesting that sunflower seed crops promote pollination and one sunflower supports 28 bees! Sadly, the over-production and over-use of pesticides in almond crops is causing bee colony collapse disorder, leading to the disappearance of millions of bees. And the growing reliance on almond flour and almonds in healthy diets is accelerating this problem.  There was never a better set of reasons to try SunFlour!