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No one should be deprived of pancakes...the glorious American tradition. And we know you'll flip over our tasty pancake mix. Yes, they do make light and fluffy pancakes but they're also packed solid with nutritious (plant-based), gluten-free goodness. 

Whether you are just trying to cut back on carbs, hitting weight loss hard, or needing a delicious gluten-free alternative, our pancake mix has you covered.  

Packed with 13g Plant Protein and 4g Fiber, you’ll feel full and satisfied for hours between meals.

Product Facts: 

Allergen Free: No Gluten, Wheat, Nuts, Peanuts, Dairy, Soy, GMO

Serving size: 3 pancakes (1/3 cup mix)

Servings per bag: about 6 (18 pancakes)

Single Bag contains:  10.5 oz, 298g mix

2-Pack contains 2, 10.5 oz bags of mix

3-Pack contains 3, 10.5 oz bags of mix

Bulk Bag contains: 5 lbs. mix
Buying in bulk means BIG savings!  5 lbs. is equivalent to nearly 8 single bags.  Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING (a $14.00 value).

Why You Should Never Live Life Again Without This: 

  • BRINGING THE YUM BACK TO BREAKFAST: Our pancakes taste just like a buttery stack of grandma's pancakes. Now you don't have to compromise taste for performance. Yes, you can have both ( one has to know they're this healthy). 
  • NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE: No gluten and no added preservatives on this steamy short stack.  Our low carb mix is plant-based with all-natural protein and clean ingredients (you can actually understand). 
  • LESS CARB & LOW GLYCEMIC:  Our pancake mix is a great choice when you want a tasty, classic favorite without feeling the guilt. We use a low glycemic, organic coconut palm sugar to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • FULL OF ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Because our pancake mix is Powered by SunFlour, you will also benefit from the 13 Essential Vitamins and Minerals that support your immunity, cardiovascular system and promote longevity. 
  • LOADED WITH PLANT PROTEIN, FIBER, and MICRONUTRIENTS: SunFlour Pancake Mix is friendly toward many dietary preferences including Gluten Free, High Protein/Low Carb, Nut Free, Diabetic, Vegan and Vegetarian, and is an amazing source of natural plant protein and fiber. Not only will these satisfy you for hours, but they also help maintain healthy muscle and aid in healthy digestion. Don't forget these pancakes are also packed with essential to health micronutrients! 
  • READY IN MINUTES: You'll be amazed how quickly you can go from package opening to a hot, healthy breakfast.  Just add eggs, milk, and butter for fluffy pancakes that won't break the diet. Or, for breakfasts on the run, make them ahead and freeze them.  They will be ready whenever you are!
  • VERSATILE:  This delicious mix not only makes impressive pancakes, but can also be used to make scones, waffles, muffins, and even doughnuts...check out our recipes for even more ideas!

Ingredients: SunFlour® (flour from sunflower seeds, sorghum flour, organic coconut palm sugar, potato starch, tapioca starch, baking powder, natural vanilla flavor, salt.




All of our products are powered by SunFlour®; a patent-pending, nutritious alternative to any flour.

You'll never know that it's completely Gluten Free, Grain Free, Nut Free, High in Protein and Packed with Fiber and Healthy Fats. Sound too good to be true? Think again.

Product Description

With SunFlour, you can turn your favorite gluten and grain free baked good into a nutrition powerhouse!

SunFlour has more protein than any other seed, nut, or grain and 25% more protein than meat!

If you are eating Keto or Paleo, try substituting SunFlour for almond flour or coconut flour.  It can be used 100% in low carb/high protein recipes and is a perfect allergen free and non-inflammatory alternative to nut flours--you get all the nutritional benefits of nuts and more!

Substitute SunFlour for wheat or gluten free flour recipes to improve the taste and texture, while meeting your daily protein and fiber requirements. SunFlour has up to 75% fewer carbohydrates than traditional and gluten free flours, so your waist will love it too.

Plant-based SunFlour tastes mild so you'll never know you're eating sunflower seeds whether it's in a bread, cracker, cookie, smoothie or veggie burger!

Perfect for Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Allergen Free and Vegan Baking

Tons of Plant-Sourced Protein & Fiber

Get all the details right here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Daniel Pinedo
Simply delicious

The pancakes I made with the Pancake and Waffle Mix is absolutely delicious and nutritious. One hard part about buying it in bulk is that the directions are written for the box version. If you are OK with fractions it should not be too much of a problem.

Sylvia Baker

Better than any other pancake mix I’ve ever tried! Has become a pantry staple already. So delicious and easy to make. I usually add cinnamon and chocolate chips.

Thankyou for the review! Many customers like you always want our pancake mix in their pantry which is why our bulk sells so well! Your additions sound delicious. We can only imagine the aroma as they cook :)

Laci Hansard
Best way to make donuts for our breakfasts!

These are wonderful as pancakes and waffles, but my family gobbles up donuts that I make using this mix! I love that it is so versatile and my kids are happy to have a fun breakfast on the go. Plus, so much protein in the morning.

We are great lovers of donuts too and have found it fun that we can have healthy ones that we truly enjoy. We love hearing how much kids enjoy them too! Thank you for the review :)

Beyond Scrumptious!!!

I made some pumpkin pancakes the other day and tossed in a few blueberries that I had to 'use or lose' and they were beyond scrumptious! Having reversed Type 2 'Diabeasties', I thought I would never be able to have pancakes (or waffles) again. I found SunFlour a while just came across my timeline on Facebook.....and I've been hooked ever since!! Keeping in mind that a recipe is just a suggestion, I tweaked the recipe to suit me (like adding a tad more pumpkin pie spice, a tad more cinnamon and the blueberries). They really were delicious!! Next will be pancakes with some apples diced up in them. (I'm drooling already!!!!)

Ooooohhhh, pumpkin blueberry pancakes sound like a delicious combination! We are so happy that you found us and that our mix means you can enjoy pancakes again while staying true to your dietary needs. That is our purpose for being... so we don't have to miss out when eating well!

Anellina Marrelli
Stellar pancakes

I love making the pancakes, this time I added cinnamon and chopped walnuts, and was delicious. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to make pumpkin pancakes, did you give a recipe last year for this? I’m thinking I will add a half a cup of pumpkin and pumpkin spices which should be delicious! They taste good and have protein and nutrition that carries me for a few hours which I’m very grateful for, thank you so much!

Thankyou for the great review! It's fun making pancakes and waffles seasonal with spices, fruit and pumpkin! Yes, we have a pumpkin waffle recipe (same for pancakes) on our blog you can check out. I think you'll really enjoy it!