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It's time to wave a tearful good-bye to your dry, heavy muffin mixes of old. The natural healthy fat in SunFlour will transform these baked goods into a light, moist and mmmmm treat!

Product Facts:

Allergen Free: No Gluten, Wheat, Nuts, Peanuts, Dairy, Soy, GMO

Serving Size: 1 muffin (82g)

Servings Per Bag:  About 8 muffins

Single Bag Contains:  14.1 oz, 400g mix

2-Pack contains 2, 14.1 oz bags of mix

3-Pack contains 3, 14.1 oz bags of mix

Bulk Bag contains: 5 lbs. mix
Buying in bulk means BIG savings!  5 lbs. is equivalent to nearly 6 single bags.  Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING (a $14.00value).

Why You're Going to Want to Stock Up: 

ULTRA-NUTRITIOUS: Don't let the taste of these mouth-watering muffins fool you, they have enough plant-protein in a single serving to satisfy 27% of your daily need (your muscles will thank you), not to mention the 13 essential Vitamins & Minerals to support immunity, heart health, and longevity.

NOT JUST ANOTHER SNACK: Yes our muffin mix does make a great snack, but makes an even better meal-replacement if you're looking to drop a few pounds. The combination of protein, fiber, and fat will keep you full for hours and forgetting about your favorite guilty pleasures. 

AMAZINGLY VERSATILE: Yes these muffins are magical, but this one mix does so much more. Make them sweet or savory by adding your own fruit, spice or herb twist.  Or, try one of our time-tested recipes and watch them morph before your eyes (and tastebuds). The options for a low-carb, high protein snack are endless!

ALLERGEN FRIENDLY:  Like all of our products, we want everyone to enjoy and so this muffin mix is free of gluten, wheat, nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, corn, and GMO's.

SunFlour® (flour from sunflower seeds), raw organic cane sugar, sorghum flour, baking powder, natural vanilla powder, salt.


All of our products are powered by SunFlour®; a patent-pending, nutritious alternative to any flour.

You'll never know that it's completely Gluten Free, Grain Free, Nut Free, High in Protein and Packed with Fiber and Healthy Fats. Sound too good to be true? Think again.

Product Description

With SunFlour, you can turn your favorite gluten and grain free baked good into a nutrition powerhouse!

SunFlour has more protein than any other seed, nut, or grain and 25% more protein than meat!

If you are eating Keto or Paleo, try substituting SunFlour for almond flour or coconut flour.  It can be used 100% in low carb/high protein recipes and is a perfect allergen free and non-inflammatory alternative to nut flours--you get all the nutritional benefits of nuts and more!

Substitute SunFlour for wheat or gluten free flour recipes to improve the taste and texture, while meeting your daily protein and fiber requirements. SunFlour has up to 75% fewer carbohydrates than traditional and gluten free flours, so your waist will love it too.

Plant-based SunFlour tastes mild so you'll never know you're eating sunflower seeds whether it's in a bread, cracker, cookie, smoothie or veggie burger!

Perfect for Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Allergen Free and Vegan Baking

Tons of Plant-Sourced Protein & Fiber

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chef Grant Petersen
SUNFLOWER power mixes

The Sunflower Brownie mix is amazing! I added the chocolate chips for more flavor! The Sunflower muffin mix / Lemon Blueberry recipe was spot on. I will be buying these again soon.

Thankyou for the wonderful review! Chocolate chips are a great addition to make our brownie mix doubly chocolatey! And the lemon blueberry recipe is a customer favorite too. So glad you are enjoying our mixes so much!

Dawn Fried
Healthy and delicious

We love these muffins made with lemon and blueberries. It’s so good to know they’re healthy and wholesome as well as tasty. They’re a cheerful wake-up treat in the morning with coffee or tea or satisfying pick me up later in the day! I make mini muffins and have them in the freezer for whenever I want a taste of deliciousness!

The lemon blueberry recipe seems to be everyone's favorite, especially for breakfasts. We also love making minis so there's always a healthy snack on hand too. We appreciate hearing from you!

Bonnie 9

These muffins were surprisingly delicious!! I added some fresh blueberries, and loved them. I froze the extras and they are great reheated in the microwave.

Yay! Thankyou for sharing your experience. Adding blueberries to the muffins seem to be a customer favorite. We also love making a bunch ahead and freezing them so we can have them whenever we're ready.

Ann Maioroff
ya gotta love this muffin mix!

SunFlour Muffin Mix is my favorite. It's both healthy and delicious. I especially like to make it with blueberries. The package says you can freeze some for later, but I find the the muffins get eaten so fast that it's hard to save some for the freezer.

None for the freezer, huh? We love them that much too. Thank you for the review!

Nancy Haller
SunFlour Products are the best thing since sliced bread.

The SunFlour Blueberry Muffin Mix is amazingly delicious and truly beyond compare. I say that as a bonafide sugarholic who craved a glazed donut with my morning coffee, but the blueberry muffins are truly satisfying and keep my hunger at bay all the way until lunch! No more grabbing snacks throughout the morning. Plus they are a breeze to bake. Thank you Dan and Caryn!!

Thank you, Nancy, for the wonderful review! We are happy you're happy and that you enjoy what you're eating and feel satisfied from it hours later. We wanted to develop healthy products but knew if taste and fullness weren't there, it wouldn't be right. Glad we got it!